A Second Set of Hands

I first met Leah in a Peet's coffee shop in Santa Rosa.

She was a college student who wanted to supplement her income with freelance modeling. We were meeting to discuss an upcoming workshop where I needed a fresh face for a couple portrait sessions. 

I ordered an Americano. Leah didn't want anything to drink. I think she was nervous. But the meeting went well and she got the gig. That was March 28, 2012.

Today, Leah is an important part of Story Photography. She is my second set of hands. Because of her efforts, I was able to pull off the San Francisco Street Shooting Workshop in May. She worked five months on that event.

I just landed a big corporate assignment because I could demonstrate the ability to handle the business side of the project. Having Leah on staff is what cinched the job.

When I'm on the road, she takes care of the Nimble Store, feeds Dibs the studio cat (who loves her BTW), and answers emails about ongoing jobs. When we're out scouting locations, Leah makes sure she's dressed for photography. She's my stand-in model, ready at a moment's notice.

Leah is popular with workshop participants. Watching those interactions is what gave me confidence to hire her as my photographer's assistant. She now shoots with an Olympus PEN and was responsible for the "behind the scenes" photos at the SF workshop.

It's amazing the difference a part-time helper can make for a small business. I'm sure someday Leah will run her own gig. But until then,

I'm going to keep her as busy as possible.