Film Cans

There are no digital equivalents for film cans. 

Memory card protectors are great for their intended purpose, and that's about it. In fact, we hardly get those anymore, right? I'm still repurposing my snap-plastic cases from cards I bought years ago. Everything else is either boxed, bubbled, or worse yet, shrink-wrapped.

Fortunately, I still have a stash of both Kodak and Fujifilm containers. My favorite is a brick and mustard colored metal Kodak can from before my time. I scored it at a garage sale years ago, and it stays safe and sound with my collectables.

(You can see some of my favorites right here...)

Even though I like the way the Kodak cans look, even the later black and gray versions, the most useful of the bunch are made by Fujifilm. Those translucent canisters are perfect diffusers for small lights, such as the intense Lume Cube.

They're also great for keeping track of small losable items such as washers, bushings, adapters, hot shoe covers, PC socket plugs, and all the other stuff that ends up lost in the same place where half of my sock collection resides.

When I turn in my rolls of 35mm at Jeremiah's photocorner, they always ask me if I want to keep the canisters. Yes I do.

They know what's going on. They're film people.