Nimble Photographer: An artist who emphasizes the quality of an image over the quantity of his gear.

I find it funny that being so tall, I'm fascinated with traveling light.  This is especially true with photography gear. But we see big men with little dogs all the time. So why not breezy camera bags too?

Anyone who has every accepted an assignment, traveled on vacation, or just wanted to explore their local universe with a photo gear knows that pounds can inhibit creativity... especially if you're carrying too many of them. "Oh, I'll get that shot later. I don't feel like going over there right now."

The Nimble Photographer, on the other hand, is ready to take a picture. And that's what this site is all about: traveling light and exploring the world one frame at a time. 

You can join me by reading the Journal entries (and I hope you'll add your thoughts to topics of interest in the Comments area.) We have photography too. My latest photos populate the Walkabout section. Chances are you'll see something new there everyday. I also have room in Walkabout to post nimble photos that you've shared with me.

Would you like to build your own Nimble Photographer kit? Then take a look at the examples I've assembled to get the juices flowing. We also have high quality, nimble attire in our store. My current favorite is the Walking Man hat. And soon to follow in 2014, The Nimble Photographer book.

So put on your comfortable shoes, and let's get to exploring.


Derrick Story is a photographer, writer and teacher based in Santa Rosa, CA.  He publishes a weekly podcast via The Digital Story. His latest book published by Wiley & Sons is titled iPad for Digital Photographers and focuses on using a tablet computer instead of a laptop for working on the go. You can email Derrick at

Photograph of Derrick on the Sonoma Coast in Northern CA by Scott Loftesness.

My Story

I first coined the term Nimble Photographer in May 2010 in a YouTube video about packing light with a Lowepro Exchange Messenger camera bag. The video received a variety of comments including: "wow... this guy should work on tv selling stuff like shamwows... he is so convincing and everything he says he says with confidence..." -- to doubters who posted, "It would have been nice to get a real review from a REAL professional photographer. Not a guy who walks around with a point and shoot..."

The fact of the matter is, that I wasn't the only one who thought lighter and smaller was better. Technology has been marching in the same direction, inventing new tools such as the Compact System Camera and the iPad mini. This is a trend that's going to continue.

Now it's time to give those who love nimbleosity as much as I do a site dedicated to this concept. Welcome to the world of traveling light, being creative, and enjoying the process every step of the way.