The Bag Room

Anyone who has ever seen my podcasting set up at the studio knows about the Bag Room. It's a crazy man cave sort of place that includes a worktable, recording equipment, printers, storage, and yes, a wall of Lowepro bags. 

As the Photography Evangelist for Lowepro, I test and keep a wide variety of bags on hand. This helps me answer questions from users and allows me to experiment with all sorts of different configurations. 

I have my favorites, of course: the Urban Reporter 150, DSLR Video Fastpack 150 AW, and our own Nimble Photographer shoulder bag. But I use many different carrying solutions depending on the assignment at hand. 

One of the terrific side benefits, in addition to having an outstanding bag collection, is that they help dampen the sound while recording podcasts. It's really quiet in the Bag Room... And you just thought I had a good radio voice.