A Gathering of Photographers

Tonight was our first gathering for the TDS Fall Photography Workshop. I like to have an informal reception on the eve of this event because it gives us a chance to meet one another and prepare for the days ahead. 

In terms of conversation, photographers are my favorite people to hang out with. And it's not just camera talk. We cover technology in general, favorite stuff from the past, travel, and of course, gear. Even the shyest shooter in everyday life transforms into a social being when among peers. Maybe it's because we just don't get to hang out with other photographers that often.

I've come to the conclusion that this interaction is one of the primary benefits of participating in a workshop. Having the opportunity to compare notes, trade stories, and show off gear (to others who actually appreciate it) is no small thing. 

Tomorrow, we'll be working together to figure out how to improve portraits in the morning, then getting the most out of our safari in the afternoon.  Now that's the kind of teamwork I can get in to.

Bottom line: for the next two days, I'll be surrounded by photographers. And I couldn't be happier about that.