iPad mini Will Be My Choice

On Tuesday, Apple announced two new iPads. One full sized tablet, and the other a souped-up mini with A7 processor and Retina display. 

Currently I use both sizes. My larger 3rd Gen iPad is my "work tablet" that I use for publishing and editing on the go. It is a very nimble device. I also have the first generation mini. It's the basic $329 model with WiFi only and 16 GBs of memory. 

I usually get a bit more memory and WiFi+cellular, but I was guessing that the second gen mini would have a Retina display. So I didn't want to invest any more than I had to for my first mini.  That won't be the case the second time around.

When November arrives, my choice will be the mini. It has a higher nimbleosity rating, and still has enough real estate to get the job done. Plus my 3rd Gen iPad is working great. So I have a "big" tablet for those times when I need it. 

Funny how our perspective changes about what big is.