I'm Tired of Killer

I know you've read it many times.

DSLR Killer, iPad Killer, Film Killer, Betamax Killer... OK, well, maybe the last one applies.

I've used the term once, tongue in cheek, and still wished I hadn't. Why? Because it's overused and I'm tired of it.

XXX-Killer (hmmm, that didn't really come out right) implies that in order for one thing to succeed, the other must die. And since people love to read about death, even though they do not admit so, the premise being the headline will attract more readers.

(The most likely exception to this theory will be this post.)

Outside of photo prints, I'm not really a black and white guy. In business, I like win/win over zero sum. In relationships, I prefer harmony to drama. And in the world of technology, I like options.

So if something new comes along, I don't want it to kill its competition (unless of course it's no longer useful.) I would rather the competition responds to the new challenge and improves.

The term killer has come up a lot around DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. DSLRs are far from extinct. And mirrorless cameras are far from perfect. But together, they give us a compelling set of tools.

I'm just saying, I'm not seeing any chalk outlines of my Canon 5D quite yet...