Hotel WiFi

One of the scariest aspects of travel for a writing photographer is hotel WiFi.

The drama often unfolds along familiar plot lines. When I first log-on, everything seems OK. I might even remark, "Oh, this isn't too bad." A few web pages load, I check email, and the world seems right.

Then it's time to get some work done. Suddenly the pipes are clogged, and I can't get anything through. Things are particularly grim if I have to upload something, like a few photographs... or heaven for bid, a podcast.

This is what happened to me yesterday morning. I had a 17MB TDS Podcast to share with the world, and no way to get it on the server. I tried Plan A, Plan B, and was searching to figure out my Plan C, which became me leaving the room and brainstorming with personal at the front desk.

"How about one of the conference room networks?" one offered.

"Hmmm, a whole network with no one using it?"

This was too good to be true. I logged on and my podcast was on the server within a minute. The morning was saved.

When it comes to working online while traveling, it pays to be creative. Otherwise, we'll never hear from you.