Sad Story of Singer Kelly Rowland

We say it all the time: back up your data. But in most cases, we might as well be exclaiming, "Woof, woof, woofwoofwoof!" Because there are still too many people who just don't understand. 

I mention this because of the sad story of singer Kelly Rowland (a founding member of Destiny's Child and a judge on Fox's the X-Factor). She dropped her iPhone, it died, and she lost everything on it. And everything includes "behind-the-scenes shots of her reunion with Destiny's Beyonce and Michelle Williams at the Super Bowl" (source USA Today). 

No iCloud, no Dropbox, nothing. .. but memories.

Kelly remarked afterward that she didn't realize how much stuff accumulates over time. And since those photos are no longer tossed into a shoebox under the bed, you can lose them without taking the proper steps. 

I know most kids aren't going to listen to me as I wax enthusiastically about the virtues or automated backup. But I'm hoping that some listen to Kelly. She's doing a good turn here, and on behalf of all the nagging nerds in the world, we thank her.