Just a Minute Longer

I remember how thrilled I was when I bought the iPad 3. At that moment, I held in my hands what I considered to be state of the art in tablet technology.

Then, a few months later, Apple released the iPad 4.

When it comes to technology, I sometimes wish the glow would last a minute longer. I certainly don't want technology to stop. I make my living with this stuff. But slowing down a notch wouldn't be bad either.

A lot of gear moves through my studio. I try to be conscientious about placing the older stuff in hands that will use it. Other than a few select items, I don't want to run a tech museum. But I've realized that managing gear has become a job unto itself. Research, buy, use, repackage, sell, repeat.

At this moment in time, I love my working kit. I have a beautiful 64GB iPad mini with Retina Display, OM-D camera body, fast lenses, Canon S110 compact, and a Fujifilm X20 midsize. I feel like I can tackle anything, anywhere, anytime.

And I want that feeling to last as long as possible.