Big Prints

When I print, I like to make it an event. A big deal.

I get out all of my paper, I fire up the printer, and I decide which images I'm going to enlarge. I don't like little prints very much. I never know what to do with them. I prefer big images that I can hang on the wall or hold in my hand and really see what's going on.

Through printing, I learned something about myself concerning photography. I discovered that I like to make the world bigger with my pictures. That's why I don't care for little prints very much. In my eyes, I see life in its grandeur.  I want to use my camera to convey that feeling, not diminish it.

In the film days, my printmaking device was called an enlarger. I loved that! Maybe I should call my Epson an inkjet enlarger. It's not very catchy, but you get the point.

The bottom line is… it's a big world out there. And for me, it looks so much better at 13" x 19" or even 16" x 20".  My devices may be getting smaller, but certainly not the images they produce.