The iPhone 5S in Hand

Apple delivered my new iPhone on Wednesday, a day earlier than they had originally estimated. That was great news for me.

I upgrade my iPhone every other model. I was still enjoying the 2 year old iPhone 4S when the latest was announced. But this particular upgrade was a no-brainer for me. The improved camera, faster processor, and larger screen size were too much for me to resist. Plus, the iPhone 5 is so light. It's really quite amazing.

Last night I published my first iPhone 5S picture on Instagram. Not only did the image of the classic main building of Santa Rosa High look terrific, the entire process of capture and publish was quite enjoyable.

It's hard to explain, but to me, the iPhone 5S just glides. It does everything with such ease. Scrolling through Instagram pictures, browsing web pages, reading the news... it just seems so effortless.

As I've said before, if I had to choose only one electronic gizmo for my desert island, it would be an iPhone (as long as I had decent cellular reception). The iPhone is one of those rare devices that's as useful as it is fun to use.

- Derrick