My Walk to Work, Las Vegas

If ever there's a time to be light on your feet, it's while working in Las Vegas. Meetings are miles apart, seldom with no easy way to get to them.

My morning walk to work begins at the Excalibur Hotel (I know, I know). I walk over the street to New York New York, then cut through the hotel, over Las Vegas Blvd, with the next milestone the MGM Grand.

This is my closest monorail stop. But I have to traverse the entire facility to get to the station. This takes another 15 minutes of brisk walking through the crowded MGM casino.

Once I reach the monorail, I can either go directly to the Convention Center, or jump off at a stop that is somewhat close to a hotel where a meeting might be.

Today, I had another 20-minute walk to the Wynn Hotel to reach an NDA meeting before the show. All in all, it was an hour from my hotel front door to the actual meeting.

Now, it's 10 AM, the meeting is over, and I have another journey to the Convention Center. I'm going to try a shuttle bus for this leg. Stay tuned.