Flying in the Right Direction

How does the saying go? "Well it doesn't suck."

I'm not ready to say that about air travel yet. But a combination of updated thinking and technology have at least improved a few areas.

  • Electronic Boarding Passes - No more scrambling for a printer at the hotel. I receive a check-in notice via email, complete the step, and my boarding pass is sent to Passbook on my iOS device. The QR code is scanned at the gate. It's now that simple.
  • TSA-Check Pre-approval - Some flights, though not all, include TSA preapproval with my electronic boarding pass. It's literally a stroll through security... with my shoes on.
  • Electronic Devices Powered Up - No more powering down the iPad and iPhone for takeoff and landing. Yes, I still have to go to Airplane mode, but I'll take that compromise over the old way of thinking.
  • Progressive Awards Programs - With just a little bit of planning, you can enjoy early boarding, free luggage, and other perks. (Luggage used to be free anyway...) Those help make the trip a little less annoying.

Don't get me wrong: I still don't like flying. There are so many hassles involved - layovers that waste time, over-crowded planes, inconsiderate passengers, disgusting restrooms, flight delays, and bad food. But now, at least, there are a handful of good things to offset some of the misery. 

And in terms of travel, that means we're headed in the right direction.