New Gig

One of the things that differentiates my job from those who have salaried positions, is that I have many jobs that fall under the heading of: self employed.

(My father really struggles with this concept. Every time I see him, he asks, "So, what is it you do again?")

My basic business plan is to replace the jobs I don't like with better ones. And in that spirit, I'm thrilled to be working with c't Digital Photography Magazine. (You might want to read the backgrounder on them that I posted on The Digital Story.)

This publishing group is based in Hannover, Germany. My title is Associate Editor. And the focus of my work is to create content for their North American audience. As with most of my other gigs, I'll be spending a lot of time online at their Facebook page and on TwitterWe're also working on a new web site and upgrading the blog.

I'm pretty comfortable with the German approach to business. I have friends in Germany and have spent many extended visits there. Boinx Software was the first sponsor of The Digital Story.

But what's really cool about this are the new people and experiences. New things to write about. New stories to tell.

Now, I just have to figure out how to explain this to my father.