The Double Edge of Depending on Others

I remember a performance review I had 20 years ago.

I was the Communications Manager and lead photographer for a health care company. My director said to me, "You have to lower your expectations a bit when it comes to the performance of your staff." (She was a great boss, BTW.) "If someone on your team doesn't meet your standards, you can be a bit hard on them."

I've since kept her advice in mind and tried to be more patient. Sometimes that's worked better than others. But I'm much better today than I was 20 years ago.

That said, it's a double edge, isn't it?

One one side, we never know the things that people are dealing with in their lives. Many of these situations affect their work.

On the other side, I've learned that some folks just aren't very dedicated or disciplined. It's not their environment that keeps them from performing well. It's them.

I'm no longer a communications manger. I work for myself. I think my discipline has helped me survive all of the changes I've seen.

And when I work with others, I try to keep my former director's advice in mind. 

To a point...

In the end, we have to be able to depend on each other.

Otherwise, more change is going to come, one way or another.