After It's Over

I have my first day off in two weeks.

Last night we wrapped up the Fine Art Workshop at my studio in Santa Rosa. It's been a consuming and rewarding few days.

As you can imagine, it's a lot of work conceiving, organizing, and leading a workshop. Even though I start planning months ahead of time, the few days leading up to the event are always the busiest. 

One of the big questions for the Fine Art event was weather. I had outdoor shoots planned on both Friday and Saturday. The forecast was rain for both days. Fortunately the precipitation was light for Friday, and we dodged it all together on Saturday.

I'm really happy about that because the group shot wonderfully both days. And I can't imagine  those beautiful images not being created.

Once the last participant left on Saturday night, it was just me and the cat at the studio. It seemed so quiet. I was spent. In part because workshops are demanding, but also because I was coming off a week long live-action filming with the crew at right before the workshop.

After it's finally over, the adrenaline dissipates. I'll clean up the studio tomorrow. I have enough energy to drive home, have some dinner, and get some sleep.

It's not the easiest way to make a living. But I love it.