The Selfie Seen Round the World

Like many of our own best photos, Ellen DeGeneres had an idea of what she wanted to accomplish before the lights went up on the 2014 Oscars event. 

During a rehearsal, Ellen commented, "I think if I just say I'm trying to break the record of most retweeted picture, I really hope that everyone jumps in this picture," she said. "I keep thinking, I mean, that would be amazing if everyone really gets in." (source ABC News)

Ellen did a great job of putting the ball in play on live television. She didn't know exactly how many people would jump in, how the photo would turn out, or even that Bradley Cooper would take the Samsung camera from Ellen's hands and possibly become the technical copyright owner of the image.

Ellen's approach to the selfie seen round the world is a good one for our own events. Brainstorm the possibilities beforehand, get your tools together and know how to work them, put the ball in play, then let it unfold naturally.

Over 3 million people have shared that famous Oscar night image. It's a great shot.

If you didn't see it unfold live, or haven't seen a video of the famous selfie yet, I think it's worth watching.

Because in addition to everything else she did well that night, Ellen DeGeneres also provided a noteworthy tutorial for event photographers.