When to Buy a New Laptop?

I saw that Apple just refreshed their MacBook Air laptops.

I've been waiting to see the latest models because I have a heavy summer of travel ahead of me. Along with my iPad mini, I'll need a nimble laptop so I can use Aperture and Lightroom while on the road. 

It's always a hard decision with computers for me. When to upgrade?

I try to be logical. I even make a Pros and Cons list. Here are some of the factors I consider:

  • Processor speed - Will I be able to do my work faster?
  • Connectivity - Upgrading from USB 2.0 (existing) to Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 will allow me to use my new hard drives.
  • Features - The new MacBook Airs have features that my 2010 model doesn't, such as a backlit keyboard.
  • Price - Apple actually lowered the price $100 while improving their performance.
  • Age - Generally speaking, I try to update my machines every 3 years.

In all honesty, a new laptop isn't sexy. It's just a tool I need. 

I've done my Pros and Cons list, and the results are overwhelming Pro.

And yet, I hesitate.

It's like investing in a new set of tires for the car.