Camera is my Co-Pilot

In the days of the wild west, stagecoach drivers carried a shotgun by their side.

I prefer a camera.

I find it amazing that while on the road, how many things happen around me. Just the other day, while heading north from my recording session at, I saw a substantial brush fire alongside Interstate 5.

It was the typical roadside encounter. I'm driving along listening to This American Life podcast. Then I see smoke. And then there's fire. And just like that, it's in my rear view mirror.

Same goes for vivid sunsets, whacky signs, and oddball roadside behavior in general.

If I didn't have a camera on the front seat next to me, I would miss a lot of shots. As far as I'm concerned, a camera is no good in the trunk.

Pulling over and shooting is much, much different than: pulling over, getting out, opening the trunk, finding the camera, and shooting. I probably wouldn't even bother with the latter.

So camera is my co-pilot. And just like the shotgun: I don't shoot often. But when I do,

I'm really happy to have it.