Air Space

I'm not one of those people who can sleep on a plane.

It might be because I'm tall and can't really find a comfortable spot. Maybe it's the sound of rushing wind - or even the sporadic activity down the aisle - that keeps me awake.

And awake I am.

To be honest, I like this time. The dimly-lit cabin seems like a good place to think about things, listen to music, catch up on podcasts, watch movies, and yes, write journal entries. Unlike my normal waking hours, there are no expectations on a plane. There are no "I should be doing this right now" thoughts running through my head. Air travel is a free pass when it comes to work.

So far, flying from San Francisco to London, my biggest accomplishment has been pecking at a chicken lunch with my arms pinned to my sides. They gave me ice cream afterwards.

This freedom to play does have a price, however. We land in London at 7am with a full day ahead. The sun will be bright. The streets will be busy. And unfortunately...

I'll finally be ready to sleep.