The Gold Ring

We stopped for breakfast before disembarking for Paris.

Four of us sat at a large round table. After a few minutes, a couple was seated with us. They had visited Paris a few times before, and were eager to share their experiences.

The told us a story about the gold ring. It's a popular con designed for tourists. Someone had shared the tale with them five years ago, before their first visit to the city. Later that very day, they saw it for themselves. They were so tickled they had to share it with us. It goes like this.

A passerby discovers a gold ring on the ground nearby. They admire it and remark how beautiful it is. 

"But I have no need for such a luxury. Would you like to have it? they ask."

The unsuspecting tourist didn't see the passerby quietly drop the ring on the ground before discovering it.

"Are your sure? It's such a nice looking ring. You really don't want it?"

"How about you give me 50 Euros for it? You get a ring worth much more than that, and I receive a little compensation for my good fortune."

Of course the ring isn't gold, and it didn't cost more than a Euro in a costume jewelry store.

We were entertained by their story, and the fact that it actually happened to them shortly after they heard this cautionary tale.

We then parted ways. They were off to Normandy, and we took a bus to Paris.

Our day was amazing and without danger. No pickpockets, cons, or rude locals. Around 4pm we split-up for a bit. I wanted to take pictures around the palace. Theresa headed off to the Louve. 

I had found a lovely spot to shoot and was seated in the shade along a busy boulevard. A stranger walked by, paused, then held up a gold ring.

"Look what I just found. It's beautiful!"

I laughed to myself, then waved the stranger away. Five years later the con was still going strong. I couldn't wait to tell Theresa that the story we had just heard this morning, came to life on the streets of Paris - just like it did for the couple that shared it with us.

Not long after, we met at the bus. Following our greetings, Theresa said, "You'll never guess what just happened to me?"

"The gold ring?" I asked.

"Yes! How did you know?"