My Eyes are Bigger than My Credit Limit

One of the things that I liked about photo magazines was their prolific advertisements. Once a month an issue would arrive, filled with pictures of cameras and lenses and all sorts of interesting accessories.

I would examine each page carefully and figure out the items that I had to have. Sometimes I would revisit a favorite page a half a dozen times or so, and dream about how I would put this new must-have piece of equipment to use. 

I rarely bought anything. There just wasn't the budget for it. And as of the month wore on, I would gradually forget about the whole thing... until a new issue arrived. 

Now, it's like magazine day every day. 

I open my web browser and before me is an entire candy store of photo items to peruse. It's particularly bad right now because Photokina is still in full swing, and practically everyone is rolling out new gear.

Much of it I want. 

I took a quick tally today of the items on the my photography wish list, and it came out to about $4000. There's no way I have $4000 to spend. In fact, I just paid my quarterly taxes. I don't have $40 to spend.  

Once again, my eyes are bigger than my credit limit. 

But, just like that kid with a brand-new photo magazine... 

It doesn't hurt to look.