If I were a Lightbulb, I'd be Glowing

I try to temper my expectations before stepping through the doors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

What I'm hoping for is innovation that will make my world brighter and more fun. But it's really a copycat's paradise. For example, in the realm of photography, it seemed like everyone felt that they needed to offer an action or 360 degree camera. So in 2015 we'll see dozens upon dozens of cameras that you can clip to a helmet, position in the nursery, or dangle overhead while crossing the river via a rope bridge - because that's how we all get to work in the morning.

Photography in general was disappointing this year. Basically, what we saw were reconfigurations of existing technologies. New cameras by Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic felt more like product cycle releases than innovations. 

"What are we going to release at CES?"

"Hmmm... let's look at the product roadmap. We could push up these compacts."

"Perfect, let's do it."

What was interesting to me was the world of home automation. It's finally coming of age. And many of the announcements were both clever and useful. Things like the OORT SmartSocket, the Smarter coffeepot, the netatmo Weather Station, and the entire ecosystem building around Nest Labs is truly interesting. 

Being able to better control my home environment, save energy, and possibly protect what's inside my house is good stuff. Along with the development of Bluetooth related technologies and the evolving car, I felt that this was the area of CES that met my expectations.

My final thought probably won't surprise you. I love lighting. And what's happening with the common lightbulb is fascinating.

These were my shining knights in Vegas.