El Capitan is a Breath of Fresh Air

September ended on a high note. Apple released their latest version of Mac OS X, El Capitan, and it's a beauty.

I installed it on my test machine, a 2012 MacBook Pro 15", and put it through its initial paces. So far, only one application is incompatible: the software that communicates with my Transporter. After uninstalling it, everything else is running fine - even Aperture survived to fight another day (except for one minor casualty).

Aside from faster smoother performance all the way around, the big news for me is a refreshed Photos for OS X app. This latest version accepts Photo Extensions. They're applications in their own right, but they integrate seamlessly with Photos. I posted about them on The Digital Story.

Even with the first few Extensions available, I can see the potential for this approach. Because the integration is so smooth, in large part because the workflow is totally nondestructive, Photos for OS X can become just about anything that the developer community envisions.

We'll still need some help from Apple on the front end of the workflow with organization. El Capitan did not bring improved ratings for pictures or better metadata handling. Apple needs to un-dig its heels on those issues and give enthusiast photographers the organizing tools they need.

But the editing front is promising. And I can't wait to see what developers bring to Photos. If OneON and Nik/Google join the party, we're going to have some serious fun.

But for the moment, I'm going to enjoy the new tools we have. With an iPhone 6S in hand and a revitalized computer, this Fall looks more promising than ever.