The Weight of the World

There are so many things of which we have no control.

Decisions made in the workplace often feel capricious, especially when they directly affect our livelihood. The actions of family members, whom we're inextricably connected to, often fall outside of our influence. And don't even get me started on geopolitical events.

To combat this, I've learned the difference between control and action. And it's the latter of the two where our power lies. 

Here's a mundane example. I have no control over traffic. Where I live, it's somewhat predictable at best. And instead of stewing in my car over things that I cannot change, I do something. I get off the freeway and find a coffee shop where I can work and be productive. I take an alternate route that may be longer, but at least I'm moving. And because I travel light, I always have the tools I need to implement the change of course that's required.

I can't control the other cars, but I can certainly take charge of my sanity.

This is another facet of nimbleosity: the ability to pivot. It matters not that you knock me down if I know how to fall. I'm just going to get up and move again (and most likely in the opposite direction).

We should not carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Choose a light messenger bag instead.

And let your burden be measured in ounces, not pounds.