Move Along

"Thank you for your quick replay."

I get that a lot. Business folks are often shocked when they receive a response the same day. I guess it doesn't happen that often.

(Although I know some of them are dismayed too, because they just got rid of whatever it was, and now it's back. Sorry about that.)

For me, it's another aspect of nimbleosity. An unread letter sitting on the counter adds weight to my day. It's unfinished business. And it gets heavier as time goes on.

Same goes for email. Unopened correspondence is a tax on productivity. My approach is to reply as fast as possible sharing as much information as I have. I used to think that I needed all of the answers first. I was wrong. Most people are fine with my top of mind.

I tackle the mail three times a day. The rest of the time I'm working. But it's often enough to keep the piles to a minimum.

There's more to being nimble than carrying a light shoulder bag. A clean office makes for a fertile mind. When I go to the mailbox, I read each piece of mail, then either discard it or assign an action (such as a bill to be paid at the end of the month). Then back to work I go.

My second goal is to tackle mid-level queries by the end of the week. I don't need to start my Monday behind a pile of unanswered emails and letters.

Just move along.

I want to pedal through life fast enough to feel the wind on my face. And at the end of the day, rest my stocking feet on the couch while spending time with the family, 

possibly discussing a few of the items that used to be on my desk.