Starbucks Listened (I Hope)

I'm sitting in a Starbucks right now drinking a Tall Americano - I know, the irony of my drink choice doesn't escape me either. 

This is the very Starbucks that I criticized not long ago for its terrible WiFi and flippant response to my complaint about it. I'm writing this post on my iPad mini connected to a very fast Internet. That's right, the problem is fixed. 

I spent $6 for a coffee and breakfast sandwich, not expecting a thing more. But when I checked my iPhone while standing in line, the login screen for Starbucks WiFi appeared, and it's been nothing but love ever since. 

I don't know how this came about. Nobody contacted me. Starbucks just did the right thing and fixed the problem.  

So it's only fair that I now proclaim: The Starbucks in Coddington Mall, Santa Rosa CA, presents a clean hospitable atmosphere, serves good coffee and food, and has excellent WiFi.

You should stop by if you're ever in town.