The $449 Watchband

Now that I'm back from my latest travels, I had planned on writing about making movies and negotiating deals. But those topics will have to wait for another day.

Today's subject began innocently enough with my having to replace the leather band on my intelligent quartz sport watch. It's a handsome timepiece that I've received many compliments on, until I told the admirer that it was made by Timex.

I logged on to Amazon and found an expedition styled leather strap with polished bucket for $12.99. My current band has lost one of its loops and is over 2 years old. Time indeed for an replacement. 

Coincidently enough, Apple was streaming their presentation about the new Apple Watch. The entry level model costs $349. I figure that it's a small computer. Fair enough. But then there are the watchbands with their own pricing structure. I went online and read the sales copy for the Classic Leather Buckle:

From the renowned ECCO tannery in the Netherlands, the Dutch leather used for this band is milled to give the grain a subtle, distinctive texture. The simple closure is crafted from the same stainless steel as the case. It’s a beautiful take on a traditional band design.

Oh brother... Price: $149

It gets better. The Modern Buckle is $249, and the Link Bracelet is $449 (watch not included).

I had just sold an Olympus OM-D E-M5 in pristine condition with zoom lens, battery, and all of the accessories for $449. A camera that is a marvel of technology made from precious metals with precision craftsmanship sells for the same price as a top of the line watch bracelet made by Apple.

Now I know about fashion and how much designer handbags can cost. I grew up in Southern California. You can easily spend over a grand for a Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo bag. 

But Apple is the company that makes the tools I use to support myself. I think their computers, phones, and tablets are the model of form, function, and yes, value. I've always felt that I got what I paid for.

But there's something that bugs me about them selling a $449 watchband. I never really respected Coach and Gucci. And who knows, maybe I'm still upset about them not honoring their commitment to Aperture users. Hard to say.

What I do know is that I've seen friends wander off like this before. I usually don't go with them. Instead, I'll snuggly loop my new leather watchband around my wrist, fasten the buckle, then smile and wave to them from the distance.

Hoping inside, that it won't be too long before they find their way back home.