Fighting Thieves with Nimbleosity

I read a disturbing article today titled, Photography Team at Olympics Cycling Event Robbed in Rio de Janeiro. It said:

"Photography safety is a growing concern leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This past weekend, a group of photographers were mugged and had their expensive equipment stolen while covering a road cycling test event for next year’s Games."

These guys weren't mugged while stumbling back to their hotel at midnight from a seedy bar, they were working. And this isn't the only incident I've read about. More than ever, photographers are targets for thieves.

Once again, nimbleosity comes to mind.

I've written about how traveling light helps simplify your shooting, increases your energy, and promotes creativity. And now I think we should add safety to the list.

There's still the perception that a big camera with a long lens is more valuable than something that fits in your hand. Unless it has a red Leica dot on it, you're just another amateur with an inexpensive device.

Heck, you could probably hand your mirrorless to a thief for s portrait of you, and he'd most likely hand it back. I don't recommend testing this theory, however.

The point is, traveling with a discreet bag with minimal equipment is wise. And not insisting that you bring every optic in your kit probably isn't a bad idea either.

Figure out what you need for the day, pack only the essentials in shoulder bag, wear it across your shoulders, and keep it close to your body. Along with a bit of street sense and a dash of good fortune, this is your recipe for success.

I think Hill Street Blues Sgt. Phil Esterhaus summed it up best: "Let's be careful out there."