We're Not the Only Ones

Having just spent 4 days in Austin with a group of photographers from publications all over the world, I'm beginning to realize that those of us who like to travel light are losing our minority status.

As you may have read, we were there to test the new Olympus PEN-F in a variety of locations. We shot through bar windows on 6th Street, inside the marbled halls of the State Capitol, and in various corners of a very interesting city.

While I was working shoulder to shoulder with these pros, who were under deadline and had to deliver the goods, I thought I would be one of the lightest packing shooters in the group.

I was wrong.

Most of these journalists covered Austin with a prime on their camera, and an extra lens or two in their shoulder bags. Some brought flashes too, such as Chris from the Phoblographer, but that was about it.

My general kit included 4 optics:  9mm body cap fisheye, 17 mm f/1.8, 75mm f/1.8, and the nimble 14-42mm EZ zoom. And I had everything I needed over the course of the day, and well into the night.

Some of my comrades asked about the sling bag I was using. I'll be talking more about it in a few days once that embargo expires. And their interest demonstrated to me that many, if not most on-the-go photographers have embraced the nimble lifestyle. Something that you've known about for a while.

You probably never thought of yourself as a trend setter. Well, you are.

And a light-footed one at that.