In the Back of an Acura

So how do you know when you're on a tight deadline? Here's one clue.

I was folded into the back of an Acura RD X on the way to Southern California to see family. As we worked our way down Highway 101, I was writing a section about sharpening. 

Actually, I wrote about lighting, color, definition, black-and-white, sharpening, vignetting, and white balance. That's when you know that you're on a tight deadline. 

The book that I'm working on is a photographer's guide to Photos for OS X. It's not just about the tools. There's plenty of commentary too. That's what makes it fun, right? 

My approach might be different than other writers. No, I'm not talking about typing on a laptop in the back of a moving car. Everyone does that, don't they? I'm referring to the method where I start in the middle of the book, write to the end, then go back and compose the beginning chapters.  

(I like this approach for lynda titles too. ) 

Each chapter is composed in 3 layers. The first, often in some weird spot that has cupholders, is just the facts. I construct the skeleton. Then I add texture on the second pass. This is where the color emerges. And the third pass is what I call the sanity read. At this point I'm just smoothing out language and looking for typos.  

I'm telling you about this because I've been a bit more quiet than normal on the journal. Not because I want to. It's these damned deadlines. They force a man to extremes.

Like writing this post on my iPhone while waiting in the dentist's office for my appointment. Well, at least it's not in the back of an Acura.

I save that for the serious stuff.