Outside the Frame

Having just spent a week with my boys home on Spring break, I'm reminded of just how precious time is. 

We were lucky because the Warriors were in town. So on Wednesday Zach and I drove to Oracle Arena to see them play the Clippers. Then on Friday, it was Max's turn to join me for a tilt against the Mavericks, and to see David Lee receive his championship ring.

I go with each boy separately on purpose. The seven hours we spend together on these adventures are like dog years for dads. It's so much more than just an evening.

When Zach and I reached the arena on Wednesday, I wanted to photograph him in front of Oracle for The Film Project. I had a Contax SLR with me, and the light was perfect. He's a great kid and humored his dad. 

Then, one of the Warriors fans walking by offered to take a shot of the both of us. I set the lens to just inside infinity focus and handed the camera to him. I have no idea yet how that shot turned out. That's the thing about film. You have to wait a bit.

Cameras are odd creatures. They're time machines. With the press of a button you freeze a moment forever. And it's not a perfect representation. I like that.  Because memories aren't perfect either. They're always a little fuzzy around the edges and the color is slightly askew. 

That's when it dawned on me. I like that. I don't want my photography to always be perfect. But I want it to have meaning. 

There's another shot I captured on Friday with Max. We're not in this one, but he's such a part of it. We were talking about how things have changed at the arena since the Warriors won the NBA championship. The crowds arrive earlier and the spotlight is always on.

I took a picture of how long the line was outside the doors before they opened. We never saw that a couple years ago. Max stood there as I recorded the shot, then we walked up the hill together.

Years from now, when the Warriors are no longer the NBA champs, I'll look at that shot and remember when they were the talk of the town. But I'll also remember what was outside the frame. My boys indulging their dad the journalist. Even at their young age, they have a sense of history.

Zach is heading back to school today. Max leaves tomorrow. And the film is at the lab.