A 2016 ToDo List

I was thinking a bit about my ToDo list for this afternoon (instead of actually completing it), and I noticed how throughly computer dependent it was.

Virtually everything on the list was, well, virtual. See for yourself:

  • Update Google webmaster tools for theAnalogstory.com
  • Sign up for Linkedin (at the friendly prompting of the team at lynda) and complete my profile page
  • Write a post for The Nimble Photographer (now, that's a fun one!)
  • Write metadata entries for each of the new movies for the soon-to-be published Flickr Mobile title on lynda.com
  • Write and record Welcome movie for Flickr Mobile
  • Post new items in TheFilmCameraShop on Etsy
  • Answer reader email
  • Finish refurbishing the Contax 159MM and 139Q film cameras 

Not until the last item did I get to do something truly physical. I think because of this list, I've really come to relish activities such as restoring film cameras, riding my bike, and taking long walks. 

That's also why I love taking pictures. Photography remains a truly hands-on experience. Regardless if I'm using a digital or analog camera, I'm still exploring the world through my viewfinder, adjusting the dials and buttons, pressing the shutter, and hoping that I've created something pleasing to look at.

I'm lucky to be a publisher, writer, and a consultant. As far as jobs go, those are terrific. But at the end of the day, photography is the joy of my creative life. I've loved it since I was 11 years old. And I wouldn't be surprised if my last words were:

"Could you please hand me that lens over there."