I Didn't Buy an iPhone 7, but I Did Get a New Case

I've gone round and round about this. Yes, that sounds like a lot of work. But it wasn't. My internal debates happen in off-moments, such as waiting in line at the grocery store.

This weekend I reached a conclusion to one such debate. I'm not buying the iPhone 7, at least not now. I did purchase, however, two red onions, coconut water, and flour tortillas.

Like any important financial decision, and believe me, new iPhones fall in to that category, there were pros and cons. The pros centered around the new camera in the Plus model. Or should I say, new cameras - they've added another one to the back side, with a different focal length. That's tempting. Mix in some intelligent software, and there are all sorts of things we could do.

But the downsides far outweigh that benefit. I would have to get a 7 Plus - not exactly a nimble device. I would have to start over on my monthly payments (and they would probably be more than the $34 I'm ponying up for my 6S). And I don't like the missing headphone jack on the 7.

Yes I know: how backwards thinking of me. I should embrace the opportunity to keep track of a dongle adapter for all of my existing accessories, including a very cool light meter and my credit card reader.

So instead, I bought a new case for my iPhone 6S. I found a Spigen Tough Armor Heavy Duty case for less than $20. It's handsome - downright manly looking - light, and will protect my 6S investment. It's like having an entirely new device.

I'm not exaggerating about that feeling. It's funny. I had been using an Apple leather case that I bought at the time of the phone purchase in the Apple Store. Since the 6S had just come out, there weren't many case options then. It's an OK home for the device, but not nearly as cool as the Spigen. Hence, it all feels so new. I like the beveled edges on the new case.

The thing is, I'm photographer. I use other cameras besides my phone. The iPhone 6S takes great pictures. And if I need more, I'll use something else. It's not like I have a shortage of cameras around here.

Now that I've made my decision, I laugh at myself for taking so long. Honestly, there are much more important things in life to contemplate at the grocery store..