Rediscovering an Old Friend

I've been a fan of Fujifilm digital cameras since they showed me the first X100 at Photokina years ago. And just last week, they released the latest version, the X100F along with the X-T20. Both cameras look beautiful.

As much as I would love to purchase each of them, it's not feasible, especially considering the excellent Micro Four Thirds kit that I currently use (and love).

But I do have a way to combat these cravings, and it's been a blast doing so.

I've had a Fujifilm X20 since it was first introduced in January 2013. There was a time when a 4-year-old digital camera was no longer practical. But we've reached a point where that isn't true anymore. My 2008 Canon 5D Mark II still takes outstanding pictures.

So, I packed the X20 for my recent trip to Monterey. More often than not, it was the camera I reached for. At one point, I remember noticing it on the nightstand at the hotel. It was so handsome!

Later, as I explored the shoreline, I shot monochrome, soft background, and some good old-fashioned Velvia film emulation with it. The images are beautiful. Processing wasn't an issue either. Photos for macOS has no problem handling those X-Trans RAW files.

And it just made me so happy to have this camera in my hands again.

I doubt that I'll be able to finagle the X100F any time soon. But I'm OK for now. Because thanks to the announcement of that new camera, I've rediscovered an old friend. And it feels so good to be together again.