iPhone X

There are certain things in first world life that we have to have. We need a place to live, a way to get around, and a reliable communication device. All of these necessities come at a price. 

I owe a mortgage on my house, the car is paid for, and I just started payments for an iPhone X. 

My previous handset, the iPhone 6S, is already in the hands of my oldest son. His phone is barely functional and needs a new display. And rather pay for a repair that's only a temporary solution at best, we wiped mine and set it up for him. That's the kind of family activity that goes on during Thanksgiving break.

I had bought my 6S from Apple using their plan. That gives me an unlocked phone and two years of AppleCare coverage in exchange for 24 monthly payments. I went the same route with the iPhone X.

After a week of use, I have to say that the X is the best handset I've ever used. Not so much in a bells and whistles way. I don't remember saying to myself, "Wow, this is blowing my mind." It's not that kind of device.

You know that precision-thud you hear when you close the door of a finely crafted automobile? Right away you know that it's a great car. That's the iPhone X.

It has heft. It feels solid. It checks off all the boxes for great screen, fast processor, excellent sounding calls, and best of all, a fantastic camera.

This is my first dual camera phone. I'll never go back. Having wide angle f/1.8 and mild telephoto f/2.4 cameras, both optically stabilized delivering 12 MP images in Jpeg, DNG, or HEIF, gives me the confidence that if something noteworthy happens, I'll be able to capture it. That's a big deal.

The iPhone X does not replace my camera kit, it completes it. I carry my Retrospective 7 (with Contax film camera and Olympus PEN-F) with me about 80 percent of the time. I love shooting with those cameras. But a lot of life happens in that other 20 percent.

My boys had their 21st birthdays the other night. (Yes, the oldest was born 1 minute before his brother.) At midnight we took them to a local casino where they could flash their driver's licenses and buy beers at the bar. Then they saddled up to a blackjack table, played a few hands, and moved on to the food court. They're still my boys, but they look like men.

This was not a situation for my shoulder bag full of gear. I quietly documented the event with the iPhone X. That was the right camera for the moment. I'll have those pictures forever.

A few years from now, someone will need my X. Maybe it will replace another cracked screen or be used for a trip abroad. Fathers once gave their sons watches, maybe even a car. My boy drove back to college yesterday with a 6s in his pocket.

I'm perfectly fine with how this is working out.