Thanksgiving 2018

I was siting at my desk when I heard the first few raindrops splash on the roof. We had been waiting for this moment for weeks. The insidious high pressure system that was parked off our coastline finally gave way to a low pressure system that opened the gate to Alaska. The storms could now pass through.

I pulled on my shoes and stepped outside with the laces untied. I could breath the air. For the first time in days I could inhale deeply into my lungs. The air tasted sweet as it flowed passed my lips. This was the morning before Thanksgiving.

The next day broke with sunshine, wet pavement, and billowy clouds. Sonoma County had been washed clean and was hanging out to dry. It was time for a walk.

I felt like a reinjuvinated Scrooge greeting every passerby with a hearty “Thanksgiving!” Some were surprised by my enthusiasm, others meet me full force with their response.

I know there are challenges all around me. I know the work has just begun for our neighbors to the north. I know all of these things.

But I also know that small victories are to be savored, or we’ll never survive the long haul. Today, this Thanksgiving, is one of those moments. And I plan on cherishing every second of it.