Illustrator Tom Rodrigues - "Nobody Bats a Thousand"

An interview with illustrator Tom Rodrigues, whose craft evolved from stained glass windows to world class wine labels. He shares his journey and philosophy in a conversation with Derrick Story.

A major influence in Tom’s artistic career appeared when he was just 14 years old when he earned an apprenticeship at a stained glass studio near his home. Over the next few decades his path wove through illustration projects, Designer and Production Manager for George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch Studio, a conceptual art show at a baseball park, and ultimately a winemaker in Northern California.

His journey as an artist from a Portuguese fruit farming family in Los Gatos CA to the Mendocino wine country where he resides today is the topic for this episode of the Nimble Photographer podcast. Thanks for listening.

Illustration by Tom Rodrigues

Illustration by Tom Rodrigues

A big thanks to Tom for joining us this week, and hats off to Kelli Richards, our talent producer, for making the connection.

You can see Tom’s work by visiting - and you can visit Tom and see some of his originals at the Maple Creek Winery Tasting Room on Hwy 128 in Yorkville, CA (707) 895-3001. 

I’ll be back next time with another artist and the thoughts behind their creations. Until then, this is Derrick Story, the Nimble Photographer, wishing you great success in all your endeavors.

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