Musician Chuck Leavell - "On Tour with the Rolling Stones"

Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards, once commented about their longtime keyboard player, Chuck Leavell: “Without the continuity that Chuck brings to us, the Stones would not be the Stones.”

Leavell describes his role with the band as a “sort of musical navigator,” who keeps track of arrangements and keeps things balanced in addition to spicing up the music with his keyboards.

And as you would imagine, there’s more to Chuck’s artistry than his work with the Rolling Stones, who by the way, are in the middle of their “No Filter” tour right now.

I managed to catch up with Chuck Leavell in between gigs to talk about the Stones, Eric Clapton’s unplugged album, his work as a writer, and his definition of success as an artist.


A big thanks to Chuck for joining us this week. You can learn more about him by visiting Special thanks to Kelli Richards, our talent producer, for making the connection with Chuck.

I’ll be back next time with another artist and the thoughts behind their creations. Until then, this is Derrick Story, the Nimble Photographer, wishing you great success in all your endeavors.