Open for Business

Nimble photography has been my lifelong journey. And finally, I've created a base camp for others who share my passion for traveling light.

So what is going on here?

Well, you already know about the Journal. Think of this as the virtual leather-bound notebook that I carry in my bag to jote down ideas and experiences. It's a record of my journey moving forward. And I'm hoping it will provide both entertainment and insights. I want to share some of your stories too.

What the Journal is to words, Walkabout will be to pictures. As I explore this world, I photograph it. Sometimes I use my iPhone and post to Instagram. Other times I use a dedicated camera and share on Flickr. Walkabout is where the latest of those images will appear.

And there's a place there for you. If you have a fit kit that you want to show off, send me a link to the photo via our Contact page. You're not sure what a fit kit is? Then you're in for a treat. I've assembled some fun examples on our very own Fit Kit page.

And what decent nimble photographer would saunter out into the world without a respectable hat, comfortable T-Shirt, or stylish messenger bag? Welcome to the Nimble Store where you can browse items that are truly unique and available only here. And more items are on the way.

This is only the beginning. Our community here will take on the character of those who participate. So please share your thoughts and images via the Contact page, and let's take this journey together.