Say Hey

One of the things that I like about our photography community is that we're friendly. Feels like the neighbor next door who always says hi when passing by.

Today was the launch of The Nimble Photographer site.  And very much in character, many folks stopped by to say hey during their busy day. I thought you might like to read a few of their remarks.

"I, too, am keen to travel light. At the moment that means a Fujifilm X100 and an Olympus Trip so I get the best of both worlds, film and digital. All the best for your online shop," -FotoMarg

"Congrats on the new site. I really like the Journal section as well as the Fit Kits. I would definitely like to contribute mine some time. Good luck and I will be sure to recommend it to some of my friends..." -Mike B.

"Looking forward to this feature. Good luck," -Anthony F.

"Vision+Creativity+Commitment=Reality! Great job, Derrick for making it happen. Love the site and the Nimble branding," -Janet G.

"I know what I am going to order soon! Very cool Derrick, and congrats on the launch of a COOL brand," -Mark H.

"Congrats on launching the venture! The site looks great, and a great addition to the TDS community," -Rohith T. 

"Oh to be nimble once again!" -Harry M.

"Sweet!" -Kristofor L. 

"Congrats Derrick -- looks like a terrific project!!" -Kelli R.

"Had a look. Nice. Couple of items in my cart but trigger as yet unpulled," -Les R.

"Congratulations Derrick… wishing you much success…!" -James H.

"Well done. Great idea. It never ceases to amaze me that some of the best ideas in different fields emerge from the desire for simplicity. Simple, direct pursuits: uncomplicated, single focus," -Alan M.

 "Just ordered the messenger bag…can’t wait to get it. Also saw a response to my photo help desk question today. Woot!" -Victoria D.

And thank you, everyone, for making today's debut a memorable experience.  

I'll be in SF tomorrow, look for photos and/or a report from the City.