Holiday Family Portraits

It's that time of year.

If you're going to send out a holiday card with an updated picture of your family, you better be thinking about it... now. 

I bring this up because I have a family portrait shoot today with two little ones and their parents. We'll meet at a park, try to get everyone looking the same direction at the same time, and I'll capture as many frames as possible in that narrow window of opportunity. 

The loss during these shoots is incredibly high (frames not children!). If I'm lucky enough to record 100 images before the little guys lose interest in the project, then I might have a dozen to show mom and dad. And most likely, there will only be two or three that I like. 

But the thing is, we only need one shot. And as long as we get that, the endeavor is a success. 

I have a few tricks that I use for these assignments. First, I shoot in Aperture Priority with a moderate depth of field, like f/8.  I want to make sure everyone is in focus.

But I like softish backgrounds too. So I make sure there's lots of open space behind the family.  

And my secret weapon? Well, I love my 70-200mm Canon zoom for these shoots. It makes up for any lack of talent by the photographer. 

So wish me luck today. All I need is that one great image. (Please!)