Finally, Some Good News for Those Who Fly

Believe it or not, there was a time when I enjoyed air travel.  

Getting on a plane meant that I was embarking upon a journey that would lead to new adventures, and most importantly, photographs. On the plane, they served you food and made every effort to keep you comfortable during the flight.

Most of that has changed over the last decade, and flying has become a series of uncomfortable situations from the moment I arrive at the airport until I finally escape upon my return. So any good news concerning air travel, no matter how small, is welcomed. 

Recently, a ray of sunshine peeked though our plastic pull-down window shade. The FAA is softening its rules on in-flight electronics, allowing us to photograph those beautiful arial views of skyscrapers, bridges, and sunrises as we take off and land. 

Each airline has to post its own certification, but that process is already underway. Chances are that the next time I board a plane, my biggest concern will be if the windows are clean. (Well, except for that trivial making my next connection thing...) 

The FAA change of heart isn't monumental in the big picture. I understand that. But given what we have to go through these days when flying, I'll take it.