Cellular Does Make a Difference

I grimace when I see the additional charge to buy a WiFi+Cellular iPad - even though I know I need it. 

Originally my thinking was to combat flaky hotel WiFi networks, jammed airport public access, and business clients who still believe that they must prevent all but a chosen few from using their wireless. But a new scenario presented itself last night.

It was one of those evenings where everyone had work to do. The boys had papers due at school, I was behind on my publishing, and Theresa hadn't checked her email in days. Around 11pm the power went out.


Everyone was in decent shape except for our oldest. I could hear his groan from the other room. He hadn't finished printing his homework yet.

I was reading on my iPad mini at the time. Everything went black, but that didn't affect my online access. So I logged on to our power utility's web site, found an update to our particular situation, and was able to relay their estimate for the return of our electricity.  This allowed Max to plan a strategy.

It's an odd feeling when the world around you goes dark, yet you're sitting there with a glowing tablet that can connect to anywhere. 

I'm adding this anecdote to my list of justifications the next time I complain about WiFi+Cellular. It won't take away the pain. But it might help a little.