These Look Different

I had an assignment shoot yesterday, and after we finished, the model called her boyfriend to come pick her up at the studio.

We got talking for a bit, and it dawned on me that he was probably outside waiting in his car. I found him, brought him in, so he could hang out with us while we wrapped up.

As most visitors do, he began to check out the gallery of images that lined the walls downstairs where I meet with clients. Kathleen then started pointing out her favorite shots, and suddenly we had this sort of flash-mob discussion about photography.

This was the part that I found really interesting:

"These pictures look really great on the wall," said the boyfriend.

"I've seen a couple of these on your web site," added Kathleen. "But they look different here."

"They do, don't they?" he added.

"I had the same experience," I said, "in art history. I remember looking at famous works in the book and thinking that they were OK. But when I went to the museum and saw them on the wall, I was blown away."

(Not saying here that my photography is in that category. But you get the point...)

After that Kathleen and I finished our work, and they were ready to go.

Interestingly enough, instead of working for cash on this assignment, Kathleen wanted a print. She had her eye on San Francisco Night Scene

When I handed her the 13"x19" print to take home, she said:

"Wow, this looks even better than on your site."


PS: The image I printed for Kathleen was on Red River Paper 75lb Arctic Polar Luster #1191, and the metal prints were created by SizzlPix.