Inspirational Slogan Goes Here

I saw a shirt in the Nike store that read: "Inspirational Slogan Goes Here."

How cool is that? Especially coming from the folks who created one of my favorite campaigns, Just Do It. I like that approach.

I used to spend far more time courting customers than I do now. The process, then, seemed backwards to me. I'd say what I thought I could accomplish, and they would respond with some sort of opinion. Maybe if things sounded just right, they'd hire me. But usually not.

These days, I follow my interests. If there's a product or brand that appeals to me, I learn more about it. I might publish an article or include them as a topic on the podcast. I rarely approach them beforehand. I don't ask for support or permission. I just do it.

Then one morning, I'll open my email, and there might be a note from one of these entities inquiring about collaboration. It happens all the time. Lowepro contacted me through Facebook. Apple asked for a meeting after I returned from Iceland. c't Digital Photography sent me an email. Olympus invited me to shoot at the US Open Tennis event.

In each case, we got to know each other for a bit. Then we figured out how to work together.

Social media allows for this type of business practice. Word gets around, especially if it's informative and positive.

Following my passion supplies the necessary energy.

I'm in my 50s, and I feel like I'm just getting started. Why? Because I don't waste my time trying to talk people into things. I just do what I think is right. And somehow, it all works out.