Mobile Backup Round 2

With the demise of Everpix, I had to find a new cloud backup service for the images that run through my iPhone and iPad.

You'll notice that I write "run through" instead of "captured with." That's because even though I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone, I push many more through my mobile devices on their way to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

I need a system that captures and makes available all of that content. To be honest, those images are the best representation of my daily life.

I have a good straight backup plan now. (half of the backup/share equation) Every picture from my mobile devices goes into Photo Stream, which is then automatically archived by iPhoto.  That library of Jpegs is now up to 36 GBs. Amazing isn't it?

The reason why I need to augment that system is because Photo Stream only holds 1,000 photos. And I can't "see into" my iPhoto library when I'm away from the computer... which is a lot.

So I need a place in the cloud that holds more content, and is viewable on any device that I use from any location. That was the role of Everpix. It's now the role of Loom.

Loom has many of the key functions that I liked about Everpix, except for the daily flashback email. (I really miss those!) So far my testing has gone well.

Loom has a good interface for the Mac, and the iOS apps function well too. I like the ability to organize into Albums. Over time, this makes finding specific photos easier.

I've started out 2014 using Loom as my cloud storage for my mobile images. So far, so good.