Bags, Bags, Bags

I was laughing at myself the other morning while writing the post, Best Bag for You - Backpack, Shoulder, or Sling? for the The Digital Story.

Why? Well, it's like this corny joke my Dad always threw out at the holidays. As the desserts were being prepared, my Mom would ask, "Ron, what do you want, pumpkin pie or apple?" Every time over the course of my childhood my father would answer the same: "Yes."

That's also my answer to the question of which camera bag do I want. 

How can you choose just one? It's like having just one lens or favorite movie or... or... pie!

Now granted, because of my work with Lowepro, I have more camera bags than the average photographer. And over the course of the year, I use most of them.

Backpacks for long trips, short trips, hiking. Shoulder bags for the city, the beach, and for squishing flat in my suitcase for use in a far away land. Sling bags for... well, OK, not so much sling bags. Some people think they're the best of both worlds (shoulder and backpack); I think not. 

One of the designers at Lowepro teasingly called me a bag whore. I thought that was a little strong. 

But I didn't deny it.