My Sunset Mantra

Of course cameras and lenses are important.. 

I spend a lot of time debating among my options. This optic or that? Can I get away with just primes or do I need a zoom? Which body is the best choice? These are the questions I ask while packing my bag.

But once those issues have been addressed, I think about food. That's right, I make sure I save a bit of space saved for snacks.


Because one of the things that can cut a good shoot short is hunger. Has this thought ever gone through your head?

"I think I got that sunset. I'm hungry. I'm going to pack up and get some dinner."

As we all know, sunsets, and just about any other subject in nature, can surprise us. We think we got the best shot, only to discover a better image was waiting for us 10 minutes later.

And what's the primary reason I've left too soon?


Makes me feel like a wimp to admit it. 

That's why I always remember to have a Clif bar stashed in my camera bag. I'll never again fall prey to a growling stomach.

My sunset mantra: Relax. Chew slowly. Get the shot.